Welcome to Lumen Christi Catholic Primary, Point Cook. You are part of a very special group of families, who along with the staff and parish community of Point Cook belong to the Parish of Laverton and in particular to the Laverton Catholic Education Community. 2020 sees the 21st year of operation for our school community. Just as the school is relatively new and developing, many families are also new to the area. We are confident that our school community is developing as an inviting, friendly, caring environment where Gospel values are very obvious.

Whilst most of our students are born in Australia, many of their parents were born overseas in countries where a language other than English is spoken. This cultural diversity provides us with the opportunities to discover more about other cultures and their traditions and how they form an Australian identity and linguistic heritage that we can be proud of.

Founded in 2000, Lumen Christi is a faith centred learning community, committed to working in partnership with its families, parish and local community to nurture our students’ faith and lead them to value, recognise and celebrate their relationship with God through prayer and liturgy, their growing knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures and Catholic Tradition, and their action in the world by living in right relationship with the whole of God’s creation, and with our environment. We are committed to our school motto ‘Let Your Light Shine’ by supporting each student’s spiritual, academic, and social emotional development in reaching their potential.