Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic has partnered with Australian schools for over 45 years to instil a love of reading in children. We have provided millions of opportunities for children to access quality, age-appropriate books and safely choose their own independent reading material, thereby supporting our teachers' efforts to foster literacy through a love of books, a desire to learn and the joy of reading for pleasure.

Please see Scholastic Book Club website for current catalogs and more information.


Lumen Christi will be once again offering sewing classes to Grades 4,5 and 6.  Sewing has become a dying art in our society, so if your son or daughter enjoys using their imagination creating with Lego, making puzzles, painting or drawing, then sewing could be another way to use their imagination whilst using material, needle, thread with all the trimmings. Throughout each Term, the students will be taught various sewing techniques such as machine sewing, hand sewing, cutting and embroidery. The ideas are endless!

Lessons are conducted at school during lunchtime.  

To register your child or for more information contact:
Leanne Harmer -

BackBeat Band

BBBP is a unique music program that focuses on group performance.
The program fosters the joy of making music and students quickly develop the confidence to perform in front of others.
The average class size is six students. This allows essential group interaction as well as individual attention.
Lessons are conducted at school during school hours. Lesson times rotate weekly to avoid students missing the same subject each week.

To register your child or for more information please see BBP

Kelly Sports

Kelly Sports provides a number of  school programmes including after school / holiday programs. Your children will have a blast whether they are grooving to the beats in one of our dance classes, working on their balance in gymnastics, hitting a six in cricket or giving it all a go in one of our action packed and exciting multisport programmes.

Please see Kelly Sports website to see the current programs offered at Lumen Christi Catholic Primary School

Fit Kicks

After School Sport & Fitness Programs: Prep to Grade 6

Our After School Sport and Fitness Program is designed to give children the chance to explore as many different sports as possible in a non-competitive, fun and engaging atmosphere
They will build and sharpen their fundamental physical skills through a wide variety of sports, such as tennis, soccer and basketball.
We will help their confidence and self-esteem grow and give them that real sense of achievement. Fit-Kicks will help every child lay down the groundwork for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

To register your child or for more information contact  Fitkicks