Continuous learning with a clear purpose and connection to the real world is critical to developing the capabilities, dispositions and literacies required to live full lives in diverse communities and deal with issues and change in the twenty-first century.
(Contemporary Learning for the 21st Century. (Sacred Landscape)

We believe in and are dedicated to developing and nurturing a sense of curiosity, and life-long learning.                                  (Lumen Christi School Vision)

  • We believe people learn best when they make connections between their prior knowledge and life experiences.
  • We believe people learn best when the learning is purposeful, authentic and related to real life contexts.
  • We believe people learn best when they have time to practise and apply new learning in a variety of ways.
  • We believe people learn in a variety of ways and at different rates.
  • We believe people learn best when they take responsibility and ownership for their learning.
  • We believe people learn best when they have high expectations and believe they can succeed.
  • We believe people learn best by building and developing positive and respectful relationships.
Lumen Christi provides students with a broad, comprehensive and well-balanced curriculum.  We endeavor to meet the needs of our students and our community with a contemporary, engaging, creative and responsive curriculum that provides for and encourages the full and rounded development of all students.  We are committed to each student’s intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological growth and ultimate well being.

Teachers follow the Victorian Curriculum to ensure that learning outcomes for all students are achieved.

To cater for the rich diversity of students' needs, we also offer: 

  • Personalised Learning Programs potentially involving Literacy and Numeracy Support
  •  New Arrivals