At Lumen Christi Catholic Primary School, Student Wellbeing means caring for the whole person, spiritually, emotionally, academically, socially, physically and psychologically. 

We believe that pastoral care is taking a shared responsibility for all children in our school, not only those in our individual classes. The Gospel teaches us that each individual - child, parent & teacher - is a person in the likeness of Christ and so being has a self-worth to be respected and protected. 

Through our Student Wellbeing Policy we endeavour to provide the best quality education for each child in a climate where ever
member of our school community knows they are respected, 
trusted, accepted and valued.

Areas Of Student Wellbeing At Lumen Christi

  • Quality of Relationships
  • Self Discipline and Responsibility
  • Pastoral Programs
  • Positive Behaviour for Learning
  • Comprehensive and Inclusive Approaches to Teaching and Learning
  • Supportive School / Family Relationships
  • Effective Networks of Care
  • Co-ordinated and Supportive Organisational Structures