Mission Statement

As we journey together in the Light of Christ, the Community of Lumen Christi Catholic Primary School aims to….

  • Create an environment that is safe, welcoming and inclusive, that encourages and supports relationships that are positive and authentic
  • Provide each person with the opportunity to reach their fullest potential
  • Provide quality educational experiences founded on best practice…
  • Welcome and value parent participation and involvement in the daily life of our school
  • Recognise, respect and celebrate the gifts and talents of all members of our community while valuing our human, religious and cultural diversity 
  • Image and practise justice with special attention for those who are most vulnerable
  • Be a compassionate community working towards forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Provide structures and procedures which enable students, staff and parents to develop positive personal relationships with room for taking risks, making mistakes and always knowing that a fresh start is possible
  • Provide a consistent approach to behaviour management that encourages 
  • Students to develop and practise a responsible, positive attitude
  • Create and sustain strong links among our staff, families Parish and the wider community