School Uniform Policy

At Lumen Christi Catholic Primary School, all children must wear the school uniform. The uniform should be worn neatly as an indication of pride in our school.

As a general guide, we ask that the Summer uniform be worn during Terms 1 & 4. School Hats are compulsory in Term 1 & 4 and can be purchased through the school Office. The Winter uniform should be worn during Terms 2 & 3.

However, we strongly suggest to parents that they have their child wear the uniform which is most comfortable for any particular day; we are part of Melbourne after all ~ where we can experience two seasons in the one day!

If parents have any concerns regarding the interpretation of the school uniform requirements, please seek the advice of the Class Teacher, Office Staff, Principal or Deputy Principals.

Other Points:

    • Parents may allow their daughters to wear navy school shorts as part of their Summer uniform and navy, long pants as part of their Winter uniform, but would be required to have the Summer dress or Winter kilt for formal school occasions eg. school photos, excursions etc.

    • Black runners and Blundstones are not considered to be school shoes

    • All children should use the Lumen Christi School Bag or in the case of transfer from another school – that school’s official school bag – bags bearing brand names.

    • Children are not encouraged to wear rings or ear-rings during school hours [Plain studs or sleepers permitted] ~ The school takes no responsibility for jewellery lost.

    • Make-up and nail-polish are not worn during school hours

    • Extremes of hair fashion should be avoided.

    • Watches are permitted

    • Hair accessories for girls ~ navy, white or yellow

    • All children’s clothing and property MUST be labelled with their name.

    • Sun-glasses approved by parents [and the Principal] may be worn at appropriate times.

    • Sports polo tops are not compulsory but can be worn on the nominated sports days for your child’s grade [usually 2 days a week]

    • Children not wearing correct school uniform will be issued a note naming the item of clothing that is not consistent with school policy. We ask the parent/guardian to ensure that this is rectified immediately.

Lumen Christ School Uniforms can be purchased from:

Double 'C' Jeanery

Aviation Road Laverton VIC 3028

Ph: (03) 9369 4307

Double 'C' Jeanery Price List

Preloved Uniforms

Preloved uniforms are available to purchase through the school.

Keep an eye out in the weekly newsletter for upcoming SALE dates.

Summer Uniform

Summer Sports Uniform

Winter Uniform

Winter Sports Uniform