Digital Technologies

At Lumen Christi, students are actively engaged in the processes of analysing problems and opportunities, designing, developing and evaluating digital solutions, and creating and sharing information that meets a range of current and future needs. Students learn to safely and ethically exploit the capacity of information systems to create digital solutions.

We aim to enable our students to become confident and creative developers of digital solutions through the application of information systems and specific ways of thinking about problem solving.

The Victorian Curriculum – Digital Technologies has been designed to provide practical opportunities for students to explore the capacity of information systems to systematically and innovatively transform data into digital solutions through the application of computational, design and systems thinking.

Students are exposed to a variety of learning opportunities to acquire a deep knowledge and understanding of digital systems, data and information and the processes associated with creating digital solutions. Preparing students to take up an active role in meeting current and future needs.

The Digital Technologies curriculum at Lumen Christi is embedded and integrated across all areas of the school curriculum as well as a specialist subject within our releasing program and supports our students as contemporary learners in the 21st century. It enables and provides our students with the skills they require to be responsible, confident and capable global digital citizens.

Lumen Christi is a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) school. GAFE supports the development of communities of learning and practice by student collaboration with peers and teachers is facilitated and enhanced through GAFE. Students in Grades 1-6 are issued with their own G Suite account and use these tools to access learning both at school and at home. Our students work is stored on their Google Drive (cloud based) which is secured and managed by the school and our Information Technology provider, Zettabyte. All student online activity is monitored. Our staff, parents and students abide by a strict ‘eLearning Policy' to ensure the safety, privacy of all school members and the responsible use of technology.

Students have access to Laptops, Chromebooks, Desktops and iPads providing them with a range of digital tools they require to support their learning.

Each learning area within our school is equipped with a Promethean ActivPanel which provide teachers with the tools to create interactive and engaging learning environments.