At Lumen Christi Catholic Primary School, we believing in developing students’ mathematical understanding to the fullest extent. Through extensive assessment and planning, we cater for the reality of a range of abilities in all grade levels. Daily Maths lessons provide opportunities for students at our school to be supported, extended and challenged in developing their mathematical knowledge and skills.

The planning of these units of work are closely aligned to current Victorian curriculum standards in the areas of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability.

To further enhance the planning and understanding of both teachers and students we also use the Key Ideas document developed by the Melbourne Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM), now Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS). This document gives clear descriptions of the important concepts to develop in all areas of Mathematics which supports our school’s philosophy of understanding Mathematics, not just learning facts and processes.

Lumen Christi develops a environment in which Mathematics is challenging, purposeful, collaborative and purposeful.

We follow a strong philosophy of developing Good Mathematicians who follow a problem solving approach that encourages collaboratively seeking solutions using a wide range of strategies that are the most effective and efficient for individual students. We promote understanding ahead of simply learning processes to follow.

Problem Solving At Lumen Christi

We encourage participation in activities both in our school and beyond that promote Mathematics as a fun AND challenging experience. We do this through a range of school events as well as competitions and events linked to state and national organisations. We believe strongly in children striving to do their best so participation in these activities is encouraged.

Teachers and Mathematics Leaders at Lumen Christi keep up to date in the latest teaching and learning strategies in Mathematics by attending Professional Development courses organized by the MACS as well as other sessions and conferences aligned to other Mathematics organisations.