Faith and Life Inquiry

At Lumen Christi Catholic Primary School we have a deep commitment to nurturing children in the Catholic faith within our contemporary world. The pedagogy for the school has as its basis the development of a culture of thinking and a Faith and Life Inquiry Approach to learning and teaching that endeavours to empower children to be life long learners.

Inquiry-based learning is an approach to teaching and learning that places students’ questions, ideas and observations at the centre of the learning experience.

Educators play an active role throughout the process by establishing a culture where ideas are respectfully challenged, tested, re-defined and viewed as improvable, moving children from a position of wondering to a position of enacted understanding and further questioning.

Underlying this approach is the idea that both educators and students share responsibility for learning.

Our Learning and Teaching will:

    • Support the individual learning goals of each person within the learning community

    • Provide a Faith and Life Inquiry approach to learning

    • Develop the habits of mind

    • Develop children’s dispositions towards thinking with a Growth Mindset

Our Learning and Teaching program is supported by the use of the new Religious Education texts Coming to Know Worship and Love and the Victorian Curriculum.

Within our learning community thinking is valued, visible and actively promoted. Children are encouraged and supported to inquire through wonderings, discoveries and further wonderings. Through inquiry children are lead to engage in authentic actions that make connections with their daily lives.